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Service Programs
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Service 1
Service 2
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Service 1

A detailed visual analysis of existing roof conditions including:
  1. A complete walkover of the existing roof areas to determine the immediate surface conditions of the roof
  2. Measurements of all roof areas to determine approximate square footages under review
  3. Construction of existing roofs
    1. Report the type of roof based on surface observation and any records of construction provided by the owner
    2. Core cuts on roofs not under warranty will be utilized to determine construction components including:
      1. Deck Type
      2. Presence or lack of vapor retarder
      3. Insulation type or types, number of layers, observed or assumed method of attachment, and thickness of each layer
      4. Type of membrane included estimated number of plies and bitumen type if applicable
      5. Number of superimposed roofs observed, if any
      6. Any other elements observed
  4. Condition Analysis
    1. A description of the general overall condition of the roof area
    2. Condition of each component observed in the core cut(s)
    3. Photographs and description of each condition found including:
      1. Surface materials (if applicable)
      2. Membrane (all problem types must be identified separately)
      3. Copings and cap flashings
      4. Flashings, downspouts, and gutters
      5. Fascia, gravel stops, and counterflashings
      6. Roof penetrations
      7. Roof top equipment and curbing in relation to the roof system
      8. Control joints, area dividers, and expansion joints
      9. Pitch pans
  5. Recommendations and budgets
    1. Non-propriety recommendations to repair or replace each roof will be provided along with the estimated budget to perform the work

Service 2

  1. All services as described in Service 1 plus the following
  2. Removal of all naturally occurring debris (i.e., leaves, branches, paper, and similar items) from the roof membrane
  3. Service will include removal of surface debris from the roof drains, gutters, and scuppers, but not clogged pipes or drains
  4. All debris will be disposed of at the owner's approved site location

Service 3

  1. All services as described in the Service 2 plus the following
  2. Sealant voids in the termination bar, counterflashing, and coping caps will be cleaned and resealed as required
  3. Exposed fasteners will be resealed on the perimeter metal as required
  4. All pitch pans will be filled and topped off as required
  5. Metal projections (hoods and clamps) will be checked and resealed
  6. Soil stacks leads will be inspected for cuts and holes and temporarily resealed when required with the appropriate materials until arrangements can be made for permanent repair

Service 4

  1. All services as described in service 3 plus the following
  2. All repairs will follow manufacturers' specifications
  3. Tears, splits, and breaks in the perimeter and the internal membrane flashing systems will be repaired with the appropriate material
  4. Visible membrane defects which may allow water into the roof system will be repaired with the appropriate material
  5. Re-secure loose metal copping caps, termination bar, counterflashings, and metal edge systems where required with appropriate fasteners
  6. Dress up reflective coatings where mastic repairs have been made
  7. Check and re-secure drain bolts as needed
  8. Reattach loose gutter straps, seal open gutter joints, and repair gutter strap-ins if needed
  9. Check scupper boxes for open seams or joints and repair as needed
  10. Records of work performed will be included in the report

Program Exclusions

  1. Natural or accidental disasters, including but not limited to, damage caused by lightning, hailstorm, floods, high winds, tornados, earthquakes, fire, vandalism, animals or penetration of the membrane of chemical attack of outside agents.
  2. Any intentional or negligent act of the part of the warranty owner or third party, including but not limited to, misuse, traffic or storage of materials on roof, or alterations, construction or modifications on or to the roof system.
  3. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages of any kind including, but not limited to, fines or penalties, loss of profits, loss of rents, loss of good will, loss of business opportunity, additional financing costs or loss of use of any equipment or property, whether in contract, tort, including negligence, warranty or otherwise.
  4. Housekeeping and general roof top preventative maintenance, does not absolve the building owner/customer from completing owner required rooftop housekeeping and preventative maintenance of process generated debris such as, but not limited to, food stuffs, grease, oils, chemicals, paper, sawdust, or lint. Debris form construction, mechanical equipment, maintenance, or remodeling activities is also excluded.
  5. Damages incurred to the roof system or building contents resulting from the owner's failure to complete required preventative maintenance and/or housekeeping will not be the responsibility of the roof system manufacturer and/or Riggen Roofing Inc.
  6. Re-coating or resurfacing of any surfacing material including minerals, gravel, ballast, reflective coatings etc.l, including wind erosion is not covered under this agreement.
  7. Pavers, IRMA Systems, walking surfaces, walkways or other materials or structures placed over the roof membrane, must be removed and replaced at the owner's cost if necessary to effect a repair.
  8. Any repairs of items listed in these exclusions shall be at owner's expense.
  9. The program is intended to maintain the roof and does not include any repairs beyond normal maintenance. The owner will be informed of any repairs considered to be above and beyond normal maintenance by Riggen Roofing Inc.

This page is for informational purposes. Please consult your contract for terms.

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